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Pure Essential Oil and Their Properties.


Cinnamon    Antiviral.  Aphrodisiac.  May be of assistance for sine menopausal and impotency problems.


Cypress        Detoxifying.  May be helpful for  varicose veins, and cold feet, due to poor circulation.


Eucalyptus   Expectorant.  Helpful with some respiratory conditions, and muscle aches.


Lavender      Antiseptic.  Anti-inflammatory.  Calming, relaxing and balancing.


Lemongrass    Bactericide.  Antiseptic.  Use as an insect repellent and for a household cleaner.


Lime               Detoxifies.  Antiseptic.  May be helpful for liver and gall bladder congestion.  Refreshing and stimulating!


Orange          Antidepressant.  Calming during stress.  Helpful with anxiety, panics and shock.


Patchouli         Anti-fungal.  Regenerative. Calming. Useful for dry skin and P.M.S.


Peppermint       Stimulating.  Useful for headaches, mental fatigued and motion sickness.


Pine                 Expectorant.  May be useful for some respiratory problems.  Soothing for sore muscles.


Rosemary          Antidepressant.  Stimulant.  Improves concentration and memory.


Spearmint         Stimulant.  Aids digestion.


Tea Tree           Antiseptic.  Anti-fungal.  Antibacterial.  May be useful for fungus and related skin problems.


Ylang Ylang       Aphrodisiac.  Sedative.  Balancing to the female immune system.


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